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Welcome to GameJitsu

Gamejitsu uses state-of-the-art technologies to allow you (as a player) to get your game reviewed without recording your own game.

Gamejitsu will fetch autonomously the game you selected to be reviewed and provides it to a coach based on the selected MMR.

Login in the platform is only available via Steam. Your profile has to be public in order to see your recent games played.

Games We Support

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The Process

Steps of the user flow of Gamejitsu

The Gamejitsu flow is composed by 4 simple steps.

You don't need to record your own game, Gamejitsu will take care of it. Gamejitsu will also select the best coach for your needs, based on the required MMR.

Step 01

You submit a request for a replay to be analyzed by our selected coach based on MMR

Replay Video
Video Analyzing

Step 02

Our professional coach responds to your request and starts the analysis

Step 03

Coach reviews your game with text comments bound to your replay

User Notified

Step 04

You are notified via mail and you can watch the replay analyzed in your dashboard

Comparison Schema

Built for players

Categories1-on-1 In-Game CoachingNon-live replay analysisGamejitsu Coaching
Time used to find a coachHighVery HighVery short
Improvment after multiple sessionsHighVery HighVery High
Time to complete sessionLongLong to extremely longShort
Difficulty to find a coachExtremely high and must match timeslotHighEasy
Language BarrierExtremely highMediumLow
Value for MoneyHighHighExtremely High


We have a least Pricing Module

Find above our pricing offer. Pro pricing may be subject to variations based on custom requests and top level coaches.


$10.0 Per Replay
5k MMR or above


$17.5 Per Replay
6k MMR or above


$25.0 Per Replay
7k MMR or above


$50.0 Per Replay
8k MMR or above
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